Detroit police spend Fourth of July feeding homeless

Our Detroit police not only worked on the Fourth of July, but some volunteered their time to feed the homeless.

Not everyone will get a chance to enjoy some Fourth of July BBQ. That's why some Detroit police officers from the 9th Precinct decided to grab a grill and cook up some grub for hundreds of Detroit's homeless.

"(From) my own heart, I would thank them," said Roderick Taylor, who is homeless.

Between shifts, these officers dressed in plain clothing and volunteered their time and grill skills at the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries.

"They deal with police officers in the past and a lot of things going on in different communities; I just want to show that we have good police officers out here as well. We just want the public's support because we support them as well," said Officer Adlone Morris.

"We're all excited about it. We feel good to be out here, being amongst the people and just giving back," said Officer Atiba Jones.

The idea sprung from a conversation between Jones and his daughter.

And just like that, with the help of a GoFundMe me campaign raising almost $800, a positive thought was put into action.

"We love our city. We love our public, that's why we're here," Morris said.

This group raised enough money to buy enough chicken ribs, hot dogs and burgers to feed 200-300 people.

"I believe this is the perfect time for community police involvement," Taylor said.

"God bless you and I hope we can do this again sometime," said Kevin Brown, who is homeless.

It's a good deed that will hopefully be passed on again.

"It's very important and it's beautiful to actually see people come together and come out and help people that are less fortunate," Jones said.