Detroit police suspend sergeant for not responding to shooting that killed officer

A Detroit police sergeant has been suspended with pay in connection to the shooting of two officers, including the death of 16-year veteran Rasheen McClain last Wednesday.

Chief James Craig announced the suspension of the 10-year veteran Monday evening, saying he allegedly was in the area and never responded to call of the officers down. His identity is not being released at this time. 

McClain and his partner Phillipe Batoum Bisse were called to a home off Wyoming near Chippewa to investigate a home invasion as they armed man broke into a house at 7:20 p.m. and wouldn't leave. Police say the suspected shooter was at the home looking for his teen girlfriend.  Four officers went in to clear the house - that's when the man started shooting, fatally wounding McClain and wounding Bisse. Another cop on scene fired back hitting the shooter who was arrested a short time later.

"A determination was made that Officer McClain did request a supervisor, and a supervisor was assigned," Craig said. "As we did our investigation we determined that allegedly he did not go to the scene in the shootings that happened."

Craig said that he has seen video showing the sergeant not responding to the shooting - saying it is a "grave concern" to him and his department.

"We've opened an investigation and he is suspended," said Craig adding that in critical incidents like this, it is stressed to have supervisory management at the scene.

"Especially when this was going on and it was being broadcast that an officer was shot," Craig said. "Our big concern is that the sergeant that was assigned to go to the scene and take control of that scene and it did not happen."

The warrant is still being reviewed by the Wayne County prosecutor. No charges have not been filed yet and the suspect, said to have a long criminal history, is still in jail on a parole hold.


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Craig would not reveal what the sergeant was doing at the time nor would he say if his appearance could have saved McClain's life.