Detroit police, teens driving to dinner get fake AR-15 pointed at them

A town hall with police and community leaders was held with Detroit's youth addressing gun violence Thursday. 

Afterward, as some teens were being taken to dinner by Detroit police, a suspect pulled alongside at a light and pointed what looked like an AR-15 at them.

"In the crowd was of our groups, 'The Brotherhood,'" said Quincy Smith of Ceasefire Detroit. "Young males who have accepted this message of hope and they were there to be a part of the conversation, not just sit there and listen, but have a voice."

When it was over with the teenagers headed over to the 9th Precinct - officers hosted them for dinner, even giving them a ride in a marked police van. At a red light on Gratiot and Marcus, a truck pulls up next to them.

Someone inside pulls out the apparent long gun and points it at the van.

"The kids don’t know, the officers don’t know it’s a bb gun - they don’t know if it’s real or not," Smith said.

Just a few miles away, the suspect was pulled over and arrested - just a teenager himself - and officers determine at that point that the gun isn't real.

"I don’t know what would possess a kid to do something like that," Smith said.

The irony is baffling.

"To have a conversation to talk about how do we resolve gun violence, and then as soon as our kids leave with officers,  they’re faced with a situation like that," Smith said."To pull out an AR-15, it looks real, the kids think it’s real, the officers think it’s real. For you to have the audacity you need to feel the full force of law enforcement,"

Detroit police are not releasing any information on the suspect and it is not known what charges he may be facing.