Detroit police to Greektown beating suspects: We know who you are

Detroit police confirmed Monday that multiple videos and images are leading them in the right direction to making arrests in Sunday's brawl in Greektown that left one man in the hospital.

Three men were jumped in the street and badly beaten while onlookers stood back, some laughing and others capturing the violence on their cell phones.

The disturbing video quickly went viral and while there are no arrests yet, Chief James Craig says they know who they're looking for.

The video shows 23-year-old Brandon Putman on his back in the street, panning to show his cousin being beaten and then another cousin also being attacked by a mob of men.

The camera goes back Brandon, who's not even moving, yet he's stomped on and pummeled again.

"They left that young man for dead," Craig said.

Craig says both the video posted on Facebook at the center of the investigation and multiple cameras outside Greektown Casino are leading police to the suspects.

"Eight subjects -- all male, African American -- we have their images," Craig said.

Police say they know who the men are. Their cars were parked in a garage, and police have photos of the cars and their license plates -- two registered in Canton, another is a rental.

"Our message to those of you that were involved in that incident in downtown Detroit: We know who you are. We're going to get you or arrest you so do yourself a favor and turn yourself in," Craig said.

Police say officers responded in less than a minute when a 911 call was finally made, but it's disturbing more people weren't calling.

"Instead of making a 911 call you had people going live on Facebook with it," Craig said. "If you're videotaping, as far as I'm concerned, you're an actor in this. ... If the video footage can help us we support that but you can't just sit back and watch a violent crime being committed and then do nothing."
The chief says it's believed a gang is involved.

Brandon's family just wants these guys locked up.

"We're glad that the video is bringing awareness, and we hope that soon we can get these guys locked up where they need to be," said the victim's relative.

"I want justice for my big brother. I want justice for everybody who's got to go through this," said the victim's sister.

Brandon, who was out celebrating his 23rd birthday when this happened, suffered a skull fracture and broken eye socket.

He's scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, but is out of the intensive care unit and communicating.