Detroit police try another angle to keeping Greektown under control

Greektown has been a hotbed of problems for the city of Detroit and the police department is trying another angle to keep things under control while also, hopefully, keeping people out of jail.

On Friday, spokespersons from the Detroit Police Department said they're taking a new approach to try to keep things under control and have dubbed Greektown an 'enforcement zone'. That means they're enforcing laws like no drinking alcohol on the streets or sidewalks, no loitering or blocking traffic, and enforcing noise ordinances - including inside cars.

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"Before we over-enforce we want to over-educate," Capt. Tharadrous White said.

That part of the city has been a problem for months with shootings to stabbings to fights all bubbling up.

"When we over-consume alcohol in public that's when those bad decisions are being made - that 1 o'clock hour, that 2 o'clock hour when young people are over-consuming (alcohol) and they make bad decisions," White said.

But the brawls have even involved some Detroit Police Officers. One man was punched by an officer in Greektown while a second officer, fresh out of the police academy, was relieved of duties for disorderly conduct.

That officer resigned and could face criminal charges for his actions.

The first officer who punched a man is still under investigation.

The expectation for everyone in Greektown is simple: you break the laws or the rules, expect tickets and more.

"Someone consuming alcohol in public, we can cite for that. But the disorderly person who's gonna continue to incite more violence in the crowds, they wil go to jail," White said.

And also this: expect Detroit Police to clear the streets at 2 a.m.

"The Detroit Police Department have been trained to deal with those that don't comply, We stay professional, we stay polite, and we reiterate the fact that these enforcement actions are going to be taken" said Capt. Ryan Conner.