Detroit police use beanbag round to arrest barricaded gunman

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Detroit police ended a barricaded standoff arresting a knife-wielding man Thursday who threatened he wasn't returning to jail.

The man was wanted by DPD for allegedly shooting the brother of his girlfriend after a domestic violence situation in the 1200 block of Santa Rosa.

Police officers fired a bean bag round at the armed man in the leg after he challenged police, said DPD Cmdr. Darin Szilagy.

The victim was wounded in the neck and shoulder and the woman both left the scene. EMS arrived and treated the man, who is expected to recover.

Police said the suspect refused communication efforts with them leading to the barricaded situation.

"At that point the suspect fled into the dwelling with a shotgun," Szilagy said. "At that point we tried negotiations, we knocked on the door, after some time we declared it a barricaded gunman situation. We set up negotiations with our special response team and our hostage negotiation team."

After several hours of trying phone calls and loud speakers, police said they got no response. 

After two and a half hours’ police used chemicals to flush the suspect out of the house, but he did not emerge until a second round, which was sent into the upstairs of the house.

"He came out in the driveway and still did not wish to surrender," Szilagy said. "He was armed with a knife, he verbally challenged our officers, said he was going to use force and that he was not going back to jail. 

"My officers in lieu of the fact that he had just shot a man a few hours before, ordered him to surrender but he wouldn't."

At that point police used a less lethal bean bag round that struck him in the lower back with it, and arrested him.

"We immobilized him and we were able to take him into custody," Szilagy said. "EMS looked him over and determined him in good health."