Detroit postal workers call for change in working conditions

Across the country, including here in Detroit, postal workers are protesting for better working conditions.

This call from the American Postal Workers Union comes as they say there is more mail and fewer workers. The union also notes a toxic workplace environment, including a lack of respect from supervisors, high employee turnover, and long hours.

"This has really gotten out of hand. They're calling people out by name, they're short-staffing offices, they're making people feel like they don't want to come to work and, in some cases, making people feel like they don't want their job anymore," said Keith Combs, with the union.

According to the union, there’s been a decrease in the number of retail counter clerks. They also claim there’s a surge in package volume and customers are waiting longer.

After Congress approved a $107 billion overhaul, there's still a substantial load on workers, according to the union.

"Implementation matters. It's not just about the money, but how we're using it and how we're making sure that we're bringing people over. I'll tell you, I hear turnover is happening - probably because of the treatment. Probably because people don't understand. This is a very, very hard job. Human dignity in the workplace is key in making sure you retain people," Rep. Rashida Tlaib said.

A poll from Pew Research shows that fewer Americans are viewing the United States Postal Service favorably. It fell from 91% in 2020 to 71% in the most recent poll.

Postmaster General Louis Dejoy told the Washington Post this week, "I think we’re 10,000 % better than we were two years ago." 

The union says that is untrue.

"The mismanagement of money is our government inefficiency in general and certainly the postal service is maybe the poster child for that. That starts with leadership. That's why the DeJoy has to go. In the end, that's where we are," Hill Harper said.