Detroit ranked No. 2 in nation for winter blues

If you are feeling blue this winter, you are not alone. Detroit is second in the nation when it comes to seasonal blues.

The winter blues, the Detroit doldrums. By any name when temps drop the frigid weather can make you just feel terrible.

"It's darker more hours of the day than it seems light. Sometimes, productivity suffers at work and sometimes you just feel sad," said Robin Ankton, Regional VP Robert Half.

In a survey by accounting firm Accounttemps of 2,700 workers across the country, Detroit came in second for the winter weather workplace blues.

"Your mood does swing with the daylight going away," said Ray Jones. "I guess it would change the effects of everything."

About 56 percent of Detroit workers are negatively impacted by winter weather - which is probably really tough if you work outside.

"Your body never gets used to it if you are always out in the weather," said Derrick Cannon. "You just have to put on enough clothes and stuff like that and be thankful and lucky if you don't get sick. But a lot of people I do work with, do get sick the weather is always changing."

About 25 percent say February is the least happy month of the year. When we've all had enough of the weather, what do you do to change it and how do you fight it?

"They can stay active," Ankton said. "That definitely will help. Get a breath of fresh air outside, kind of wake you up and rejuvenate you. Stay social so take a break at work. Have a quick chat at the water cooler."