Detroit resident says street taken over by vandals, dealers

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Detroit's police chief spoke out Monday after a recent string of violence and unveiled a new plan to fight crime.

One homeowner says he can start on her street where she routinely witnesses people breaking the law and says police are doing nothing to stop them.

"I don't want to get involved either," said Monique Kelly Robinson. "I don't want this at my house."

But Robinson, who owns one of only a couple houses still occupied on Faust Street in Detroit - feels she has no choice. Her neighborhood has been inundated by vandals stealing any metal they can find.  Vacant garages have become hiding places for stolen stripped cars.

But what worries this mother of four the most - is that people sell drugs in front of her house at all hours of the day and night.

Neighbors showed FOX 2 the pictures to prove it.

"I'm worried if something goes wrong between them, that they might have some kind of cross fire," she said. "I've asked them many times don't do that in front of my house, they are parked in front of my driveway, in front of my garbage can. I've called police and they won't come."

Detroit police confirm it has received about five calls in the last year with complaints about what was going on in the neighborhood. Police say they have been out there but did not see what was being reported.

"By the time the police get here, it's gone," said Robinson. "The activity did slow down or they hardly get here."

Monique feels her complaints have fallen on deaf ears, but that may soon change. Detroit Police Chief James Craig announced a new initiative to combat violence with officers hitting the most crime ridden neighborhoods first.

"A key component is a willing community and a community that says we are partnering with you, police department," Craig said. "And together we are going to get it done."

Monique hopes her neighborhood is next on the list before it's too late.

"I want them to patrol this area," she said.