Detroit residents frustrated over noise, violence at club near their homes

A group of Detroit residents are not happy with the commotion caused by an after hours club that's opened near their homes. Monday through Wednesday, everything is fine but by the time Thursday and the weekend rolls around, neighbors say it's not safe.

VIP sits on the Davison service drive near Wyoming on the city's side - just behind houses like those owned by Deorther Davison, who says she's not sleeping but that's just the beginning of the problems.

"Waking up and seeing people in front of my house shooting," she said.

She's not the only neighbor complaining. Another, who asked not to be identified, said someone tried to get inside of her house.

"The scariest thing happened when the woman came pulling on my backdoor with all black on, trying to get in the house on me and my grandson and my son," the neighbor said.

That was last weekend. A drunk woman was trying to get into the family's house after coming from the club.

The list of complaints is long and fights, robberies, strip shows, drag racing, public urination, and random door knocks.

"Close it down because you're not helping us," Davison said.

We took the concerns to Detroit Police who say it’s a spot they keep an eye on and are in contact with neighbors about the situation. Since January 1, DPD responded to six calls for service to VIP's and the last shooting was back in 2019.

The neighbor said those stats don't reflect what it's like to live here.

"I don't have money to move. If I had money I'd been moved," Davison said.

We tried to contact the owner of the club multiples for comment but we did not hear back in time for this story.