Detroit sergeant shot by suspect dies from complications

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A Detroit police officer who was shot while pursuing a suspect has died due to complications from his injuries.

Sergeant Ken Steil, 46, died Saturday at St. John Hospital in Detroit. Sources say Steil was scheduled to be released from St. John that morning, but suffered a complication.

Sergeant Steil was recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered Monday night. He was pursuing an armed suspect named Marquis Cromer in the area of Seven Mile and Hayes. Police say the 21-year-old had been on an hours-long crime spree, and had just shot his own father and another person. During the pursuit, police say Cromer shot at Steil, hitting him in the shoulder with a sawed-off shotgun. At the time, Steil was said to make a full recovery.

Speaking from outside St. John, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Steil had the heart of a leader. Chief Craig said he even told him after surgery, "I'm glad I took the round, because I would not have wanted any of you to take it."

The 20-year veteran had been promoted to sergeant after five years on the force and had been assigned to the 9th precinct.

Sergeant Steil leaves behind a wife and two small boys, ages 3 and 5.

"He was a family guy. He had a 3 year old and a 5 year old. They were at the hospital when I got there; two little kids there. His wife says, 'What do I tell my kids?'" Detroit Police Department Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt said. "Too many people look at us, just, yeah, you're the police. No. We're human beings. We have families."

Cromer was arraigned Tuesday on four charges, including assault with intent to commit murder. Those may now change with the passing of Sergeant Steil.

Funeral plans are pending for later this week for Sgt. Steil.