Detroit teachers receive raises under new agreement

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Detroit schools announced a new deal meaning more money for teachers.

The agreement will also reward instructors based on years of service.

"It means stability, it means a better pension, it means that our professionalism is being honored," said Maragaret McGraw, DPSCD teacher.
McGraw, like many, is feeling excited and refreshed after an agreement between the Detroit Federation of Teachers and Detroit Public Schools Community District officially announced Thursday. Detroit teachers are finally getting what they deserve: more money.

"Being recognized for your years of experience, the dedication you put in for your student’s day in and day out," said one teacher. "It is just wonderful all the way around."

DPSCD superintended Nikolai Vitti says the agreement followed the approval of the district's $732 million budget. Affects nearly 90 percent of teachers in the city. 

Teachers at the top of the pay scale are set to receive a one-time bonus of about $1,300 and that's not all.

"We will repay TIP to all teachers that received a concession cut several years ago, by the fall," Vitti said.

He said that unlike before, the deal will fully recognize experience outside of Detroit.
"If a veteran, experienced teacher was interested in coming to our district and they have worked 10 years in say, Southfield, we would only give them two years in our district," Vitti said.

And what does that mean? More teachers with more experience and much smaller class size.

The agreement also giving current teachers more pay based on the number of years they've taught. Vitti said there were some teachers who went four years without salary increases.

"It affects the families of the teachers," said one teacher. "Some teachers have had to take on side work which prevents them from focusing and learning on their classrooms."

With 190 teacher vacancies compared to 275 last year, Vitti called this agreement a major step in rebuilding the district.