Detroit tech company's intercoms saving many businesses during COVID-19

Many small businesses have come up with unique ways to stay open while protecting their employees and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and one Detroit company believes its technology is helping make this easier than ever. 

Detroit's Huafone Technology has seen exponential growth in its intercom sales. 

"They're able to stay in business now because our system is a touchless system, so nobody has to touch a button. Everybody can be safe," says Tom Meyer, the company's director of sales. 

Tom says it's not just restaurants and their drive-thrus that are utilizing these intercom services, it's also libraries, pharmacies, the military and more. 

"It's the only option for many types of businesses," he says. "One of the primary customers that we've had is the recycling yards, for trucks that pull in that want to recyclable goods. The people in the booths don't want to open the window so we set up an intercom system for them so they can talk to the truck driver to get their truck weighed. 

Tom says they've sold to prisons, too, to help inmates speak with their attorneys. 

And as more small business change their way of doing business to survive COVID-19, he helps to keep more of them going.

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