Detroit tranquility garden provides place for holistic wellness, community empowerment

The Ali Legacy House Tranquility Garden is more than a beautiful space. It's a testament to the power of community, nature, and holistic well-being.

As you’ll see, we’re taking a look at the nurturing this sanctuary offers and how it can be part of a transformative journey for so many men.

"The garden is really symbolic," said Dexter Sullivan. "Anything in life that’s thriving has to be tended to. That garden gives us the human dynamic to connect with the earth, connect with the soil."

The Ali Legacy House Tranquility Garden is not just a backyard transformation. It's a beacon of holistic wellness and community empowerment.

"There’s so many benefits to mental health by gardening," said Sullivan, of the Black Legacy Advancement Coalition.

This garden parallels the growth and development the program creator wants to see, focusing on Black men.

"Our man-to-man outreach is a program we started 14 years ago, reaching out developing the next generation of Black leaders, and so we still do that today," Sullivan said.

The garden is behind a house on Virginia Park Street in the LaSalle Gardens area of Detroit. There’s weekly programming and men living there - all who are transitioning in some way.

"Some of those people have fallen on hard times," Sullivan said. "Some are existing foster care some are exiting addiction and other challenges.

"We like to provide a place of respite where they have a couple years to settle down, get a handle on life and re-enter their life with power."

Men, ages 18 to 35, are served in multiple ways several living there to get the most intensive form of the program - a home they rehabbed from the ground up.

"When we purchased the home it was an absolute gut job down to the studs," said Sullivan,

And now the home and the garden are fostering beauty and development of the best kind.