Detroit unveils effort to encourage Detroit-owned recreational pot shops

The city of Detroit says it is working to create social equity in the marijuana industry.

"We are happy to have investors outside the city but Detroit has to have its fair share too," said Mayor Mike Duggan.

If you are a Detroit resident and want your share of the pie - Duggan has a message for you.

"From April 1st to May 15th only Detroit companies can get a license for recreational pot after that, we open it to everyone," Duggan said.

In advance of the license application,  residents can apply right now to be certified as Legacy Detroiters. It is part of an ordinance that gives preference to city residents who want a marijuana license. 

This status has its benefits, including discounts on fees for a license. And Legacy Detroiters will also get at least 50 percent of the new ones issued. You can purchase select city property for your marijuana business at a discount. 

"You can get preferences on a property with a 75 percent discount and today, if you go to the website, we have got 17 properties," said Duggan.

But some argue for the current demand that 17 properties are insufficient.

"They could do better 17 properties are a drop in the bucket," said Mitzi Ruddock, Black Cannabis Access and Cannabis Advocate.

So far nearly 150 applications have been filed for Legacy Detroiters.

To learn how you can apply go HERE.

"The whole idea is to insure generational wealth happens and not just get Detroiters licenses," said Detroit City Councilman James Tate.