Detroit wakes up to first snowfall of the season

Hey Detroit, not sure if you saw.....but it snowed.

Not like a blizzard or an ice storm, but a fresh blanket of your finest frozen precipitation. Southeast Michigan residents woke up Thursday morning to a layer of snow. It's a little reminder that in fact yes, your warm weather is gone and replacing it is the cold icy grip of a Michigan winter - and it's not even winter yet.

And what timing does mother nature have, as coincidentally it's also Michigan Winter Hazards Awareness Week this week.

Luckily, November's first blast of snow wasn't a heavy one, with less than an inch falling. Even so, there are plenty of wrecks reported throughout the metro area, including multiple accidents on the M-5 corridor. 

But of course, you already expected all of this right? After all, this winter will be remembered for its snowfall totals.