Detroit water building closed after main break, gas line rupture

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Too much water forced the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to close its water board building Wednesday.

A double water main break was to blame, as well as a gas line break that compounded the problem downtown.

Muddy water spewed outside the water board building on Randolph Wednesday as water and sewerage department customers were turned away.

DWSD says Tuesday night crews were repairing a broken valve on a hydrant that caused water to leak into the basement and during the repairs a gas line was hit.

"DTE Energy came out in response to that and helped us monitor the situation," said Curtrise Garner of DWSD.

The department evacuated the Randolph facility and shut down power for crews on Wednesday morning. DWSD blames aging infrastructure and says the office will be back open Thursday.

"We're going to come tomorrow and make up what we missed today," Garner said. "It will be business as usual."

But resident Nathan Brewer says when he called to get his water turned back on that morning he was already put on hold four and a half hours.

Then after a 15-mile bike ride he arrived to a locked door.

"It's unrealistic for me to think that I can hold them accountable for a main break, it just happened," he said.

Customers can also use water board locations at 15600 Grand River and at 13303 McNichols.