Detroit woman on 102nd birthday full of faith, says key to life is to celebrate it

Lillie Weathers may have just turned 102 years old but she's not slowing down anytime soon. She says her faith has kept her strong and that she has three don'ts she follows: don't drink, smoke, or steal.

Weathers, known as Mother Weathers, spent her 102nd birthday celebrated by family and friends on Tuesday.

"102 years old. I didn't know I was going to get here," Weathers said.

She's not slowing down though. She's got a sharp mind that's helped her take a look back at the many milestones that have shaped her life. From Mississippi to Detroit, she made the Motor City her home when a family member inspired her - and she stayed.

"I went to Alcorn College in Mississippi. When I came out of school, I taught school for two years," Weathers said. "I worked at the Chandler Casino on John R for 15 years."

In her 60s, when most people look to retire and move south, Weathers saw a chance to continue working and serve God at the same time 

"I went down to New Bethel with Rev Franklin and Aretha Franklin and I went down there and I worked down there at the Center," she said. 

Mother Weathers held a prayer circle on Tuesday and she says she still feels good.

"I don't have no pain, I don't take no pain medication," Weathers said. "I don't drink smoke or steal."

Weathers says she's learned a lot about life and has this message for anyone who hears her.

"If you can't tell the truth, don't say nothing. If you don't want to deal with that, just don't say nothing. Say I don't know what you're talking about cause I don't want to lie," she said.

Later this week, Weathers' grandchildren will hold a birthday celebration in her honor. She says the key to life is to celebrate it, every day.

"Thank God for that. Thank God for everything," she said.