Detroit woman's lugnuts stripped, third crime at house

Long-time west side Detroiter Anna Eaddy was leaving her house, backing out when her husband screamed to stop.

"The tire just, fell off! My husband had to stop me," she says. And then she noticed her lug nuts in her driveway. She thought back to around midnight when she was awake and heard her dogs barking.

"When I heard the dogs, I didn't get up like I know I should've," she says. So, she pulled up surveillance footage -- and saw a man walking around the corner and opening her gate. She had recently fenced in her yard and driveway for added security, but that didn't stop him.

"He also looked up at the camera as he was putting on his hoodie. So, I don't know what he was thinking; I don't think he saw the camera, though," Eaddy says. Eaddy's husband says around that time he also heard their dog, King, barking and shouted for him to be quiet.

They're unsure if it was the loud barking or his voice that scared off the wannabe thief. You can see the surveillance video in the video player above.

It's difficult to see in the video, but it appears the man walked away from their house on Patton Street and headed near Tireman Avenue. It's unclear if he kept walking, or if he had someone waiting in a car.

"If he would've just took off a couple [lugnuts] each, and I drove, it would've been some damage. So, it could've caused an accident or it could've tore the car up," Eaddy says.

This is now the third theft this couple has dealt with in recent years. Her husband's rims and wheels were stolen once, and two years ago Eaddy's car was stolen.

"The car [was] stolen and pushed out the yard, and actually we around the neighborhood looking for the car," she says. "And, come to find out, it's two streets over. On bricks."

Eaddy, fed up with trying to block out the burglarss, is thanking her dog for speaking up -- and hopes someone else will, too.

"How can we get this city back to where it needs to be? No one's saying anything; we're just letting it keep going, keep going," she says.