Detroit youth learn the value of dressing for success

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Detroit Police Chief James Craig and members of the Detroit Police Department will give back to the youth of Detroit through the fashionable art of tie tying.

Saturday June 16th chief Craig and community members will speak to youth ages 9-17 about the value of dressing for success.

"Tying ties is tying the community together, you got to put your best foot forward."

Youth gathered at the Suit 4 Less store in Detroit to learn how to properly tie their brand new ties right on Fashion Avenue. 

"For the police to be here and not put them in handcuffs, but cuff links, not tie them up but give them a tie, to be dressed and suited, to have dignity, to have stature, and to feel good. It feels good, to dress nice and you feel nice."

Suits 4 Less donated all of the ties from the event and says they hope to donate 600 for next year’s event.