Detroit Zoo welcomes baby camel Rusi

A couple of proud camels became parents last month when Rusi was born at the Detroit Zoo.

The new female Bactrian camel was born July 31 to 9-year-old father Rusty and 9-year-old mother Suren, who are also the parents of 3-year-old Humphrey born May 2014.

Rusi weighed about 125 lbs. at birth and is over 4 feet tall. Bactrian camels can grow to 7 feet tall and weigh nearly 1,600 lbs.

Right now her fur is soft and gray but as she gets older, it'll grow thick and change to a sandy brown color.

Though Rusi and her family are domestic, wild Bactrian camels are endangered. There are less than a thousand in East and Central Asia.

“Rusi is finding her footing and is curious about her new surroundings. Like most newborns, she spends a lot of time napping and nursing,” said Scott Carter, chief life sciences officer for the Detroit Zoological Society. "Suren is an attentive mother and is keeping a close eye on her new little one.”

Take a look at Rusi getting used to her new surroundings: