Detroiters celebrate 14th annual Neighborhoods Day

The 14th annual Neighborhoods Day happened Saturday, and at least a dozen murals have been placed around the Old Redford neighborhood on Detroit's west side. 

The artists behind the murals known as the "Blight Busters" are among the volunteers helping to make the Old Redford community a more beautiful neighborhood. 

"Community starts with community," said Chazz Miller, who is the Artist's village creator. "Just like self-change starts with self, so we have to take charge of where we are and challenge others to do the same."

People around the community joined the Blight Busters on their mission to clean up their community also known as "Artist Village" by finishing up a mural on Lasher near Grand River Avenue, mowing the grass, and harvesting vegetables. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the group does not plan on stopping their mission.

"We are doing as many outside projects as possible," said president of Blight Busters, John George.  "Using sanitizer and trying to social distance to the best of our ability, but the work goes on. We need to continue to create the opportunity, we need to create hope and we will continue to do just that."

The alarming rise in violent crimes this summer has many in the city of Detroit wanting positive change.

A number of people said Neighborhoods Day is all about showing the city extra love and attention. 

"Now with the excitement of what's going on in this particular neighborhood with the investment of the platform group, Meijer's and some of these other corporations, it's even more fuel for me to really show what I can do, show my talent and show the world, and hopefully inspire some young people," Miller said. 
"Anytime you create a space and a place where everyone is welcome and you spread love and peace that's really what this world needs, is a big hug," George said.