Detroiters propose replacement to controversial Bedrock advertisement

A group of Detroiters are upset at Dan Gilbert for posting an ad on one of his buildings. They want to change it.

It was called tone-deaf and tasteless.  Bedrock Financial unveiling an ad reading, "see Detroit like we do" featuring no people of color.

"It's not that we want to impede development," says Nicole Small, Moore Community Council President. 

"It's not that we want to stop him from bringing business into the city. We want to be a part of the resurgence in the city."

And that resurgence means, Dan Gilbert get rid of the sign.

"We think that he shouldn't just be building big sky scrapers for rich white people," says  Detroit chapter National Action Network President William M. Davis.

It looked like there are only white people in the first picture.  Gilbert admitted in a letter that he screwed up badly, and then he said he'll get it right next time.

Yet when Davis was asked if that was  a good enough apology, his response,

"No it's not."

But there is a solution. A brand new sign,  that the group says, is more representative of the city's make up.

"All the people need to have their needs met," says Tyrone Allen, photographer of new sign. "Especially in the neighborhood, that's just not happening."

The only problem, how are they getting the picture to Dan Gilbert.

"We're going to drop it off and hopefully it will get delivered to him," says Small.

The group spoke with what appears to be a representative from Dan Gilbert, but did not leave the picture. 

"They want to just leave it with the property manager and that's not being a good corporate citizen," says Small who adds,

"Maybe they don't have anyone that deals with the issues of the community and that's why the ad went up."