Detroit's casino worker union votes to authorize a strike when current labor deal ends

Detroit's casino workers voted to authorize a strike Friday evening.

Union leaders for Motor City Casino Hollywood at Greektown Casino and the MGM Grand have been negotiating a new contract since the beginning of this month, and with no progress towards a new deal today, members voted to possibly walk off the job when their contract expires Oct. 16.

It is a strike authorization as the union has not asked workers to walk off the job yet. The contract expires in the middle of October.

Many expect that there will be a lot of negotiating between now and then with workers from the city's three casinos.

The union represents employees across the board - from the dealers to cooks to cleaning staff and everybody who keeps everything operating.

Currently the UAW and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan have been on their respective strikes over the past few weeks. If all three were to happen and drag on, the economic impact for Metro Detroit could be severe.

There is still time for the casino union to work out a deal.

One worker who spoke to FOX 2 expressed concern that strike pay would not be enough to cover her bills.

But we have learned that roughly 99 percent of the union voted to authorize a strike. 

Covid took a lot from the workers after the casinos were forced to limit use and traffic. In 2020, they made $639 million. In 2021, they made $1.29 billion. Both aren't close to the record-year the casinos had in 2019.

But out of the pandemic, the workers are looking to recoup losses they sustained to help float the companies.