Detroit's Clutch & Throttle brings bikes and toys to deserving children

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Christmas is over but a southwest Detroit business is still making holiday dreams come true for local children.

Christmas 2018 may be over - but the joy of the Christmas spirit lives on.

"We were looking to use our store our platform to help out a well deserving charity in Detroit," said Brad Touchette.

Detroit business Clutch and Throttle decided that charity would be Brilliant Detroit - a non-profit that works to change lives and assure all kids have access to what they need to succeed 

On Friday Clutch and Throttle brought dozens of bikes and toys to Brilliant Detroit to give away   
"We had a lot of help from Free Bikes for Kids in Detroit which refurbishes bikes and then hands them out and we were very fortunate to partner with Brilliant Detroit to make this all happen," he said. 

"This makes my heart so full because we always say what's going to change the world is neighbors coming together regardless of zip codes," said Cindy Eggleton, of Brilliant Detroit.

It's a partnership that bringing smiles to these kids and their families.

"It means everything to me because I get to be mobile again and I get to ride around now," said one child.

One parent said her daughter received a scooter and her son a bike - and the giveaway takes a load of financial pressure off her wallet 

 Clutch and Throttle says it was important for them to do something throughout month and not just on Christmas.

"We just wanted to keep everything going throughout the whole month," said Touchette. "Just to keep it going through December. It was really important."