Detroit's Eastern Market the place to get authentic corned beef

Irish eyes will be smiling this weekend, all right, no matter where you buy your corned beef from - as long as it's in Eastern Market, it will be authentic. 

In Detroit, there are two big names that sell corned beef: Grobbel's and Wigley's. For corned beef connoisseurs, this is the place to visit: Eastern Market.

Grobbel's has been making corned beef in Eastern Market since 1883. 80,000 pounds of corn beef a day - that's 700 truckloads of corn beef shipped across the country.  

But what makes Grobbel's taste so good?

"That's a secret, I can't tell you. I'd have to kill you," said Ryan Chapp, vice president of Grobbel jokes, we think.

Wigley's has been around Eastern Market since 1924. They also make thousands of pounds of corned beef - and they have their own restaurant that's been open for about a year.

"We have everything fresh, fresh, fresh," said Frank Gjoka, the owner of Wigley's..

Well, everyone is Irish with a good corned beef sandwich on St. Patrick's day. Which one? That's your decision.