Detroit's first historian appointed to tell city's story

Jamon Jordan has told stories of Detroit's history with Black Scroll Tours. Now, he will continue that storytelling with the city.

On Monday, Mayor Mike Duggan appointed Jordan to be the city's first historian. Jordan's job will include exploring archives and educating people about the city's history.

"I'm standing on the shoulders of ancestors and standing on the shoulders of elders and great historians," Jordan said. "I want to do a job to make Detroit's history important to Detroit first."

City leaders said that Detroit's history is known around the world, but not enough of it is known in the city itself.

"Detroit needs to know and understand and appreciate this history," Jordan said. "I will do my job to make sure it is important to the city of Detroit."

Jordan said there are so many stories that need to be told.

"Jamon Jordan is going to be the city of Detroit historian to do unprecedented work in making sure people know how amazing Detroit is," said Rochelle Rile, the director of Arts, Culture, and Entrepreneurship. "We existed before America did. We have an amazing history that includes all cultures, and he's going to be helping us celebrate that and teach that."