Detroit's Sherwood Forest's extra services upset some residents

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Some of Detroit's most upscale neighborhoods are being asked to pay more for services like snow removal and security. But the extra charges aren't going over well with everyone.

For each resident in Detroit's Sherwood Forest, they'll have to contribute an extra $250 to pay for the extra services. That money is in addition to their property taxes and is part of a special assessment that covers private security patrol and snow removal.

"if you're coming home late at night, you can call the patrol and they'll escort you to your house"," Sherwood Forest Association President Maurice Telesford. "They'll service the neighborhood after 2 inches of snow, all year round"

It also includes a special mosquito service.

All of it was approved by Detroit City Council, but not everybody is happy.

"I'm a little concerned, long term, that it's not too much money and we keep a control on our board of directors and everything," Pat Quinn said.

Now, some residents have started a lawsuit challenging the fees, saying that Detroit Police should be the ones providing protection, like they should for all Detroiters. Telesford says the extra services are there to help, not replace.

"What this is is allowing a neighborhood to say, we have some extra resources and we want to contribute those to augment our resources, not to replace." Telesford

The average price of a home in Sherwood Forest is $240,000 and some say the property values are going up because of the special services.

"This area is one of the jewels of the city of Detroit so we get that special assessment," resident Ken Johnson said.

Other communities around the city are thinking about these special assessments.