Detroit's University District blows the whistle on crime

One group is working to blow the whistle on crime in the city of Detroit -- literally.

The University District Community Association handed out whistles to people in the neighborhood as part of a safety program. Saturday, after the monthly outdoor severe weather siren test, the residents blew their whistles in one large blast to test them out.

The University District on the city's northwest side is one of the safest and most stable areas of Detroit, but residents want people to be prepared for danger just in case.

The group has distributed more than 350 whistles to date.

The neighborhood made headlines last year after the shooting of U.S. District Judge Terrence Berg. Berg was taking out the garbage when he was approached by men trying to get inside his home. Berg refused and was shot in the leg.

Since then,  a man has been found guilty of a charge of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and two felony firearms charges. He was found not guilty on the charges of armed robbery and assault with intent to murder.

"Nobody has been convicted of taking responsibility for this crime, but we feel really certain that the right people are locked up, so that's okay," Berg's wife, Anita Sevier, told FOX 2.

Detroit's University District is just east of Livernois Avenue between Seven Mile and McNichols roads, by the Detroit Golf Club.