Devastated family seeks answers in beloved Detroit Coney Island owner's death

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A week after he was shot and killed, the family of a Detroit Coney Island owner stands overwhelmed by the unknown.

Frano Juncaj was dedicated to three things in his 58 years on this earth: His family, religion, and his work.

"It's only getting harder because how it's kind of died down -- the support is not really there outside of our immediate family," said Nicholas Juncaj, the victim's son.

Juncaj emigrated from Albania in 1975 and opened up the restaurant five years later. It's inside his second home on Schaefer where Juncaj would take his last breath. He was shot in the chest last week during an apparent robbery.

"It's shocking -- not only that it happened, but that nothing was even taken. It just doesn't make any sense to us," said Jack Juncaj, the victim's brother.

Known to many as Frank, his family said he worked 6 days a week for 36 years, never really taking a vacation. Nearly all of his customers were more like family.

"He not only knew the person that came in, but he knew their kids, he knew their grandfather," Jack said.

Nicholas said it isn't fair.

"If people didn't have money he didn't let them leave hungry," he said.

With only memories of Juncaj now, they're celebrating his son's wedding. It's thinking of the moments he will now miss that bring tears to the eyes of Nicholas and his family.

"I was at the hospital this morning just thinking about my dad not being there to meet his granddaughter. It breaks my heart. It's not fair. He was so excited," Nicholas said.

Detroit police said they don't have any solid leads on Juncaj's death. His family said they understand people are scared, but they ask you to do what Juncaj would do.

"There's only two roads to take. There's the right way and the wrong way. The right thing to do is to have the guts and the courage to step forward and make the phone call and help us." Jack said.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.