Diagnosed with diabetes, man dusts off old bike, pedals to a healthy life

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Doctors told Rudy Escobar his health was in jeopardy. So, one day he dusted off an old bike and everything changed. 

He looks strong and healthy now, but he says you should've seen him five years ago -- when he was diagnosed with Type two diabetes. 

"I was a lazy guy, a couch potato, but I decided I'm going to do it. I had a bike hanging in my garage for years, full of dirt. Dusty, flat ties. So I dusted them off, pumped them up, and started riding," he says. 

That was after his life turn a turn when he got his diagnosis. 

"I never took care of myself. I was overweight, lethargic, didn't do any exercise at all. So he said, 'You're going on insulin,' so I argued with him. I said no I'm not, I'll figure this thing out but I'm not going to do insulin. That was really the changing point for me, five years ago."

That's when Rudy started pedaling his way to a healthier life. 

"My legs were burning, they hurt. I almost quit that first week. I almost said I can't do this, nope, it's impossible - but I persevered."

He started training for the American Diabetes Fundraising Cycling event called Tour de Cure, and surprised himself.

"Something remarkable started happening in my life. I wind up losing 45 pounds in the first four months, I drop two pant sizes," he says. "My life started getting better."

 Now Rudy is an American Diabetes Association educator and will never stop moving riding towards that finish line.

"When I crossed the finish line at ten miles, something inside of me clicked. Something happened in me, and when I crossed the finish line I felt such victory that I said to myself, I'm going to keep doing this as long as I can for the rest of my life."

 Rudy says right now his numbers are good and in the pre-diabetic range. He feels like if he keeps up his healthy lifestyle he can reverse it. 

 This Sunday you can join the Tour de Cure at Comerica Park. It's an event you can walk, ride a bike or just cheer for others.