Diamondback Music Hall opens in former popular country bar space

Diamondback Music Hall while undergoing renovations (Photo: Diamondback Saloon)

Music is playing again at Diamondback in Belleville, this time under a slightly different name and new venture.

Diamondback Music Hall opened earlier this month after undergoing renovations since Diamondback Saloon closed last December. 

The closure of the saloon along the I-94 Service Drive followed the previous owner's retirement. Diamondback Saloon opened in 1985 and became a staple for line dancing classes and live country bands.

Now, a variety of bands are taking the stage inside the new music venue. The building has gotten a facelift both indoors and out, with black paint covering the exterior and a sleeker inside. Despite the changes, the large dance floor remains.

So far, the venue has held four concerts, including a performance by the Killer Flamingos over the weekend. More events are expected to be announced. Find event announcements here.

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