Digital evidence emerges in Monroe High cheer coach's alleged inappropriate relationship with teen

Rumors circulated for months at Monroe High School involving inappropriate behavior between a cheer coach and a male student.

Multiple investigations were done, and now – new light has been shed on a case with disturbing allegations, propelling it forward.

"In early June the individual came forward with some compelling evidence that allowed us the opportunity to reopen the investigation," said Monroe Sheriff Troy Goodnough.

Digital evidence holds the key to the allegations of a female cheer coach, with the teen boy. The rumors began in fall and since then, two investigations were opened, then closed by the sheriff’s office.

"There was prior complaints of inappropriate conduct that we couldn't sustain," Goodnough said. "We didn't have tangible evidence to tie the two pieces together.

"You can say anything, but you have to have the evidence."

The cheer coach in question – was put on administrative leave at the end of the school year and now, she has resigned. Another cheer coach has also stepped down.

"We have no indication that there's more than one individual two individuals, including the offender in this situation," Goodnough said.

The sheriff said they are not seeking other potential victims.

"Parents, family members, all are concerned about the safety and welfare of the children," he said. "That's what makes this an elevated situation."

Investigators are still waiting on a forensic analysis of that digital evidence before the case can move forward.

"Understand that the system is working, we're very confident in our investigators and the information will be laid out to the prosecutor," he said.

The Monroe Public School superintendent released a statement following the resignation of the coach, saying the administration had taken the appropriate steps each time rumors surfaced. 

"In each case, until the most recent, there was no supporting evidence," Monroe Public Schools Superintendent Andrew Shaw said. "I thank the MHS Administration and the Sheriff's Office for their diligence."

The first time rumors of a relationship between a minor and a coach surfaced was in the fall of 2023. Both the school and sheriff's office investigated them and found no credible evidence, a statement from the school said.

The second time the rumors came up, Child Protective Services got involved, but again found no credible evidence. Then, on June 7, the administration received evidence the rumors could be true, leading to the coach being placed on leave. 

There is no timeline if and when charges will be filed – we will continue to file this investigation.