Disabled Detroit senior's stolen SUV recovered by police

A stolen SUV was recovered on Detroit's east side and the woman behind the wheel under arrest.

It was a fitting end to a story that began a month ago when 70-year-old Clarence Hunter's Ford Explorer was stolen at a gas station on Seven Mile and Outer Drive. 

"Two guys, I opened up the car ... and they jumped in it and took off with the car," he said.

Hunter and others saw three women driving around in his SUV on not one, or two, but three different occasions.

"I was so upset, I jumped on the back," Hunter said. "I was going to keep them from leaving and Linda pushed me off, so I wouldn't get ran over."
Hunter called Detroit police each time he spotted his SUV, but police were not able to catch up with it in time to make an arrest.
The two-door Ford Explorer was Hunter's only way of getting around. He says he's been disabled for nearly 20 years.

"I got three hip replacements, three herniated discs in my back, two spinal," he said. "I can't walk from here to the corner. I'm disabled, I'm stressed out, I'm depressed. The walls are closing in on me."

But late Monday night, officers tracked down the SUV on the 1400  block of Troester about three miles away from where it was stolen.

FOX 2 reached out to Hunter to tell him DPD found his Explorer.
"I'm so grateful, I'm so thankful," he said. "To God be the glory.

"A weight has been taken off my shoulders. A lot of stress is gone."

The woman driving it was booked on possession of the stolen vehicle but it is unclear what her connection is with the young men who stole the SUV.