Disabled Taylor veteran gets help saving his home from Wayne County

A metro Detroit veteran who's fallen on hard times is getting some much needed help.  Between the pandemic and a disability he's been unable to pay his taxes.

"It's amazing that somebody would actually come and help me out like that. It kept me from being homeless," said Craig Ogden

Meet Craig Ogden from Taylor, an Army veteran, a construction worker by trade, but now on Social Security disability.

"Two back operations, it's not a good thing - I can't really do much, I try. I try every day," he said.

But like so many people, Ogden had financial challenges, and trying to help out a friend, didn't help. 

"I trusted someone I shouldn't have trusted, she took off with most of my tax money," he said.

And then his home was going into tax foreclosure.  

Craig Ogden

"The Disability Network Wayne County Detroit is helping our veterans and disabled taxpayers," said Eric Sabree, Wayne County treasurer.

And Craig qualifies. The county doesn't want people to go into foreclosure and become homeless.  

Craig Ogden

"We do have funds available to make sure that individuals of disabilities stay in their home within the community," said Lori Hill Sanders from the DIsability Network. 

Ogden owed about $4,500 in back taxes. But with the help of the DNWCD on Thursday, Craig was able to pay off his taxes. But there's more than just paying taxes. 

 "We will be following up with him and kind of doing some financial planning, and budgeting, and financial literacy, to help him not get into the situation again," Sanders said.

And the treasurer reminds all citizens if you are having trouble paying your taxes- contact the Wayne County Treasurers Office at  313- 224-5990 or you can send an email at taxinfo@waynecounty.com