Discovery of more than 50 cats in Brownstown Township home leaves officials in a bind

So far, more than 50 cats have been discovered inside a Brownstown Township home, leaving local officials in a tricky situation.

The discovery has brought good news and bad news for the local government. The cats pulled from the home appear to be in good health, which is a positive for Township Manager Brian Peters. Unfortunately, he says they've run out of space to put them.

"Now we are in a situation, where we have a tremendous amount of cats that we are bringing in. We have completely filled our animal shelter," he said.

The discovery was made at a home off I-75 near Pennsylvania Road. 

Bodycam footage from local law enforcement caught the moment police found the home. They could see dozens just through the screen windows.

Animal Control started removing the animals from the home two weeks ago. So far, 19 cats and kittens have been taken to a shelter. But until more space fill sup, they can't leave the home. 

"The cats are relatively in good health and so it makes them a lot easier to adopt out," Peters said. "None of them appear to be feral, they all seem friendly, they're easy for us to keep them in good health."

Now begins a "full press" to get them adopted, the township manager said.

"We’re talking with other animal shelters, we're talking with other organizations to try to find placement at the very least to give them a place outside of the home."

Part of his hope in a resolution that ensures all the cats are taken care of is input from the surrounding communities. 

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As for the homeowners, they've received multiple citations for breaking ordinance. 

If anyone is interested in adopting, they're welcome to call the Brownstown Animal Shelter at (734) 675-4008.