DMAN Foundation nonprofit sends 4 people with disabilities to the Bahamas

A Berkley nonprofit foundation is sending four people with disabilities and their families to the Bahamas, for the trip of a lifetime.

"The DMAN Foundation is sending all four of you on an all-expenses paid cruise ship to the Bahamas next month," said Ziad Kassab. "You're all going on a cruise next month."

Kassab is the founder of Danny's Miracle Angel Network, also called the DMAN Foundation.

"The idea is a network of people who act as angels to work together to make miracles for other people," he said.

On Friday those people are four disabled music therapy clients of the D-Man Foundation, plus their family members. The foundation surprised them all with a cruise to the Bahamas next month. The clients and their families don’t pay a dime.

For Justin Sabbaugh, his last trip was when he was 11 years old. Today he’s 49

"I've been wanting to go on vacation for a long time," he said. "And (I) couldn’t (ask to) go with any better people."

Krystal Guzman, who cannot speak, was overcome with emotions when she learned about the trip

FOX 2: "It brings you to tears Krystal? It moves you?"

Krystal shook her head, fighting tears of joy.

It can be challenging to travel safely when someone is in a wheelchair or has special medical needs and equipment.

"We found a way to break those barriers move the mountains and make it work," Kassab said.

FOX 2: "What does it mean to have Someone show this much compassion to you and your family?"

"It’s beyond words," said Brenda Imhoff, whose son is a client.

What drives Ziad’s ambition is that the foundation is a tribute to his younger brother, Danny, who was hit by a car and left paralyzed.

But despite needing 24-hour care, the family made sure Danny was able to experience the joys of life before he passed away.

FOX 2: "What would you like to say to Ziad?"

"I would say I bless you," said Keon Sanford, one of the clients.

As these DMan Foundation clients and family members prepare for what once seemed impossible their true joy also comes from knowing someone cares.

"This is why we do it," Kassab said. "For this reaction and the fun that we’re going to have when we’re down there. It is going to be an awesome trip you guys. I’m so pumped up to go with you guys."

To lean more about the DMAN Foundation GO HERE.