Dog dies after protecting family from Romulus gunman

Imagine you're in your own yard, minding your own business, when a man jumps the fence with a gun and starts shooting. It happened to a man in Romulus, Mich. Friday evening, and he says the only reason he's here to tell his story is because his dog saved his life.

"Thank God for Petey," Kyle Brown says. "He ultimately did what man's best friend is supposed to do."

Petey, a 2-year-old pitbull was the epitome of man's best friend to Kyle. He says Petey saved him from the armed man going on a crime spree in Romulus last Friday, which started with a failed carjacking attempt at a gas station Wayne and Wick Roads -- and then the suspect ran into Kyle's yard to hide.

Kyle's 10-year-old son, Garrett, and his 7-year-old stepbrother were in the house when Petey heard Kyle yelling outside he and charged after the intruder.

"(The suspect) reached for his gun, pulled (it) out and then my dog started attacking him. (The suspect) moved back a few feet and he just shot him in the face," Kyle says. 

Even though Petey was seriously injured, he continued to protect Kyle and the kids who were still in the house. 

"He picked up the gun and pointed it back at me and once that happened, the dog actually came back and continued to chase him," Kyle says. The gunman backed down and jumped into another yard where police were standing with guns drawn. That led to a shootout.

The suspect, now injured in the gunfire, ran back into Kyle's yard -- but, this time, came in the house. 

Kyle was able to get his son out but he says the other child ran into a back bedroom while the shooter barricaded himself inside. About 30 minutes later, he surrendered the boy unharmed.

Several hours later, the gunman finally surrendered to police. Petey was inside with him the whole time, hurt. They were able to get Petey to the vet but his injuries were too severe and they had to put him down.

Police haven't revealed the suspect's name and we haven't learned yet exactly what charges he'll be facing. 

Kyle says they're all still in shock, including his son who's trying to process what happened.