Dog runs to Troy doggy daycare for help after car crash

A dog knew exactly where she was headed when she ran away from a car crash in Clawson last weekend.

Melissa Fickle and her 4-year-old dog Aries were headed to a park when they were hit at 14 Mile and Rochester Road. After the crash, Aries jumped out of the car window and took off.

"She was standing there looking over her shoulder at me, and then she turned and took off going north," Fickle said.

Aries ran nearly a mile to Hounds Town in Troy, a doggy daycare and groomer where she is a frequent customer.

Security video shows Aries scratching at windows and sniffing at the door until Hounds Town owner Travis Ogden spotted her.

"I’m like 'is that Aries? It is Aries! I start giving all sorts of belly rubs, I’m getting kisses like crazy," he said. "She was just asking for help and trying to find a way in."

Ogden, who has known the pup her whole life, called Fickle to let her know he had Aries and she was safe.

"As soon as I heard that Travis had her and she was safe I literally crouched down on the ground, I just had my head in my hands," Fickle said.

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