Dog stolen from couple's car during lunchtime date

Carrie Heist-Jarvi brought her beloved 9-year-old Yorkie Chihuahua to a weekend getaway in Detroit. Heist-Jarvi and her husband stopped for lunch on Saturday in Corktown, leaving their dog Wilfred in the car.

"He was in his carrier case. I had my luggage in there, backpacks and coolers in back seat. There was a coat over his cage; you would not know he was in there," says Heist-Jarvi.

The Holly, MI woman says she was only inside Mercury Bar for about 40 minutes. But when she came out, she realized someone had broken into her car. Her luggage and her beloved dog were gone.

Heist-Jarvi says while walking back to the car, she noticed something was off. "I could tell my window looked funny. Did we leave the window down? No, it was broke out. I was panicked. [There was] nothing of value in my car but my dog, can't put a price on him."

Carrie and her husband parked around the corner at 14th and Michigan Ave. They say they chose to park on one of the many open spots on the street, instead of the $5 lot. It's a decision they now regret.

Carrie filed a police report, scoured area shelters and posted fliers on social media sites.

"I'm just thinking, wow, how are you going to find him? He could be anywhere at this point," she said.

Heist-Jarvi is also offering a reward for anyone who returns Wilfred, no questions asked.

"He means everything to me. He's my best friend."