DogSpot provides a high tech place for your pet that's pay by minute

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They say it's like an Uber or an Airbndb for your pup.

The DogSpots are air-conditioned or heated with internet and UV Self-cleaning. The temporary dog houses launched in Ferndale Monday afternoon. The "smart" homes now sitting outside Rosie O'Grady's and Pops for Italian on Nine Mile Road.

"It is an internet-connected, safe, secure, clean spot for dogs while their owners go to places that don't allow dogs," said Rebecca Eyre, DogSpot director of communications. "I think people are bewildered because there is nothing like it; it is first of its kind. Once they understand all the technology and all the thoughtful touches, they are really amazed by it.

"You just walk up and you download the app and the app walks you through the process. It takes one minute.

DogSpot, based in Brooklyn, New York, seems to be a hit, so far. Dog lovers love the camera inside.

"The puppy is available to be viewed, she's happy and fine," said Eyre.

And Dog Spot’s Rebecca Eyre says 90 percent of dogs feel comfortable inside.

"Dogs either want to explore or they want to feel contained," she said. "This provides them with that containment."

Aiming to lower the risk of dog injury, heatstroke and theft, the pay-as-you go service is .30 cents per minute, for up to 90 minutes.

"It's like $5 or $6; it's like a parking spot," Eyre said.

And if there's a potty emergency?

"We have a whole pee and poo protocol," she said. "It has never happened, but we know exactly what we would do. It would never affect the next dog owner."

Eyre says not just anyone can come get your pet, think of your cell phone or a membership card as your key, to get your best friend.

The high-tech house is open only while the participating business is open, and is monitored closely. The folks with DogSpot are hoping to expand.

"We are launching to probably 25 cities in the next three months," Eyre said. "We've been invited by the mayors of Los Angeles, Boston, D.C., Orlando and Miami."

And in Ferndale the company is offering a free session for up to 30 minutes. Just ask for that special offer inside each restaurant.