Dogwood's Kitchen and Bar in Pontiac offers salmon, crab cakes, and bang bang shrimp

The cooks at Dogwood's Kitchen and Bar have a love of food and community.

Inspired by both, they sought to open the new restaurant in Pontiac, which has a focus on freshness as well as food. And what better place to start than the Bang Bang Shrimp.

"And it just has that perfect amount of spice where you’re like ‘man, this is good. Give me some more'," said Jason Ayiar.

Ayiar, the co-owner of the establishment says the meal is prepared with crispy fried shrimp and a creamy Peruvian sauce. 

Another secret to many of the meals, according to Oscar Gonzalez, is the flour. It's seasoned. While the meat can be seasoned, the key difference is always in the flour coating. 

That especially benefits recipes like that for the crab cakes, which uses less coating and bread, leaving more room for meat. 

"We do crab and shrimp, spices, we don't like to put a lot of bread in our crab cakes," Gonzalez said. "So, it’s mostly meat."

And then there's the salmon.

"We’re going to make the Salmon Bowl, a little bit on the healthy side. It’s a blackened salmon. It has rice, corn, beans, avocado," Gonzalez said. "It’s a healthy but good rich dish."

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Dogwoods Kitchen and Bar is located at 1101 Walton Boulevard in Pontiac.