Dollar store thieves caught on tape

Detroit police hope you can help them identify three thieves who ripped off a Dollar Store, caught on security video.

Take a look at these bold criminals breaking into the front entrance and making their way into the Dollar Store on Warren Avenue on Detroit's west side. Police say the burglary happened at about 1 a.m. April 8. 

"They broke the first door to get inside," said owner Fozz Alshohate. "We have a metal door and then a glass door."

The crooks are captured on camera going back out the front doors carrying flat screen TVs.

"They took almost like six TVs and a couple of them were left damaged in the place," said Alsohate.

When you look at the surveillance video, it appears the criminals got inside with no problem, stealing those flat screen TVs. Also, the electronics that had been inside, were also stolen. They even took the large security monitor that had been sitting there before, that did not stop them from being captured on all 16 cameras."

Police have crystal clear pictures they want people to take good look at, in hopes of catching the criminals.

If you know who the three men are give police a call (313) 596-5200.