Dollar Tree armed robbery suspect wanted by FBI after shootout with agents in Ky

The FBI's Detroit office is asking for the public's help getting Antonio "Tony" Cotton off the street.

Cotton's criminal history is lengthy, he's been shot five times and wanted for zip-tying employees at two Dollar Tree stores and robbing them at gunpoint.  

Authorities say Cotton got away with nearly $12,000. both in May, one located on Eight Mile near Dequindre in Detroit - the other in Eastpointe.  

Cotton is said to have removed the security cameras on his way out.  

"He is very concerned with law enforcement not knowing who he is," said Mara Schneider, FBI special agent.  

The FBI is calling him armed and dangerous especially after a shootout with federal agents in Lexington, Kentucky, this month.  

As federal agents moved in on him with a fugitive warrant for the robberies, shots were fired and Cotton was able to get away, but he is believed to be injured.   

"We believe he has ties to a number of different locations across Metro Detroit," Schneider said. "He also has family and colleagues down in Kentucky so he may be traveling between here and there."  

The 37-year-old's criminal history starts in 2003, mostly theft and robbery - but also assault and resisting officers.   

In January, he was charged out of Detroit for robbing an east side Dollar Tree using the same m.o. He was let go on bond, then the case was dismissed in March after the main witness was unable to testify in court.  

While free, he allegedly went on to commit the other two armed robberies.  

Wanted by the FBI - Antonio "Tony" Cotton.

Wanted by the FBI - Antonio "Tony" Cotton.

"He entered the stores late at night right before those were closed, he showed a gun to the people working there, demanded money, zip-tied them, and removed surveillance equipment on his way out of the store.

"So he is really making an effort to conceal himself and hide his identity."

If you see Antonio Cotton - do not approach him. Call 911 or the FBI Detroit Field Office at 313-965-2323.