'Don't Stop and Drop' War on Trash Campaign kicks off Saturday in Detroit

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Volunteers are hard at work picking up other people’s trash at 6 Mile and the Southfield freeway. The garbage is a real problem in Detroit. 

“Insane this is insanity to keep cleaning up after folks that stop and drop,”

Which is why Wayne County Commissioner Monique Baker McCormick is waging a war on trash. 

It’s not just unsightly or unsettling, it’s something much deeper.

“Where there’s trash you usually find crime, they’re connected,” McCormick said.

So McCormick from District six in Northwest Detroit is partnering with five of the public schools in the area. 

“The war on trash is just that, it’s an anti-littering campaign that’s set up for our young people to understand that they have to love where they live,” she said. 

The effort includes contest for the best art, essay songs, a pizza party for the winner and student ambassadors who report back to the Wayne County Commission. 

“All of this is really to change the mindset of our young people and to also have them go home and tell their parents, don’t stop and drop,” McCormick said. 

Let’s face it, when people throw trash out of their cars it’s not the kids who are doing it, it’s the adults who should certainly know better. 

“Sometimes your children can teach you something,” she said. “That’s really what the concept of the War On Trash is, an educational piece for young and old.

You’ll see volunteers out picking up trash near the Lodge Freeway, you’ll also see those garbage cans in those locations, they’re asking you to please use them. 

The commissioner is kicking off her War On Trash Campaign Saturday at Life Challenge Ministries on Pierson from noon until 3pm. All are invited to be a part of the solution. 

“When people feel good about their environment, about their neighborhood, then they want to take care of those around it, including the people in the area,” she said. “We do better by taking care of each other and I know that we can do better in our community.”