DoorDash driver says he was attacked by restaurant worker

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An Eastern Michigan student working as a delivery driver says he was assaulted on the job.

"I call 911, I'm bleeding," said Omar Ibrahim.

Ibrahim is from Egypt. He's 28 years old and living in Ypsilanti studying criminal justice, now he is getting a real life lesson as the victim of an attack.

"I got four stitches and he broke my nose," Ibrahim said.

He said on June 11, he was working as a DoorDash delivery driver picking up an order at Pita Pita in Ypsilanti when he and the employee seen in a phone video behind the counter, started arguing.

"He said 'I hate Arab people,'" Ibrahim said. "He said 'I don't like to deal with Arab people - I like American people only.'

"He told me if you don't shut up I will sweep the floor (with) your body."

Ibrahim answered back with a comment about the guy's mom and that's when he allegedly hopped over the counter and attacked him, cutting his face with what Omar thought was a pocket knife - and breaking his nose.

His injuries will require plastic surgery. But the case is only being charged as a misdemeanor assault and battery - and that has Ibrahim and his attorney asking why.

"I believe this should be a felony - it rises to the level of felony," said attorney Amy Doukoure. "Our client was doing his job, he was there to pick up food and he was attacked by one of the workers with an object in his hand. He suffered substantial injuries."

FOX 2 contacted the Washtenaw County Prosecutor to find out why they're not handling the case. A spokesperson said it was never submitted to them and that the sheriff's department submitted it directly to the township.

A spokesperson with the sheriff's department says they couldn't see a weapon in the surveillance video from Pita Pita - the men who were fighting were both Arab so it didn't rise to the level of ethnic intimidation - even though those men are from different countries.

But now Ibrahim is definitely intimidated, traumatized and looking to get out of Michigan as soon as possible.

"I am scared to eat, I am scared to go to any restaurant," he said. "I look at people's faces, I (think) does this look like him? I cannot sleep - I cannot work, now everything for me is done."

Now his attorney is asking the sheriff's department and the prosecutor - to take another look at the case.

"We have the criminal justice system here to hold people accountable when they act in such an egregious manner," said Doukoure, an attorney with the Council on American-Islamic Relations. "We are just asking they hold this man accountable for what he did."

The defendant is scheduled to be arraigned for assault on Friday - if convicted he faces just 90 days in jail. While he was still working at the restaurant when FOX 2 stopped by, the owner said that he's been let go - and customer satisfaction is their top priority.