Downriver for Veterans raising money to build tiny homes for vets

A group dedicated to helping veterans needs help with their mission.

Ann Rudisill enlisted in the Army during the Vietnam War and served for four years. Now, she is making sure veterans have what they need through Downriver for Veterans. Right now, the goal is to build tiny homes for veterans.

"Could you imagine a veteran being in their own house having enough money to go buy cookies have ice cream, go to bed every night, and wake up every morning knowing this is going to be my home in seven years?" she said.

Rudisill was moved by the harsh conditions many veterans face after she returned home from service.

"It took me 58 years to become a citizen of this country I’m an immigrant from England, the American Flag to me, when you play the Pledge of Allegiance for me, I cry," she said.

Rudisill said she wants to make life more enjoyable for veterans. This includes making sure they have stable homes.

"I reach out to my veterans periodically. I reached out to a female Vietnam veteran yesterday out of the blue to see how she was doing, and she is behind on her rent and ready to be evicted and right now I’m starting to cry. I had a meltdown," she said. "I want tiny homes, we have the land we just don’t have the money, we need the money, so it’s like a catch-22."

The organization is working to raise $150,000 to buy homes for the veterans.

"There’s no apartment complex for veterans. There are apartments, but the rent goes up all the time," Rudisill said. "My goal was to bring all these people in who have helped us and to put that painted gold shovel in the ground next year and have a ribbon cutting for our very first home."

Workers have volunteered to help with the homes, but first the houses must be purchased.

To help with the goal, donate here.