Dozens of exotic animals rescued from 'bootleg zookeeper' in Romulus

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Police in Romulus say dozens of animals were rescued Thursday. 

Police say more than 300 hedgehogs, six Flemish giant rabbits, three large iguanas, two kangaroos, a peacock, a silver fox, and a 16 foot, 200 lb. reticulated python were part of the rescue. 

A concerned neighbor tipped off police that someone was keeping these animals illegally in the 3100 block of Ecorse. Animals control officers and other officials executed a search warrant there. 

Police said they even got a report that a baboon was being kept, but didn't find one during the search. 

Police say they know who the "bootleg zookeper" is, and are looking to speak with him. Meanwhile, all the animals have been turned over to those who can properly care for them. 

Police posted pictures of some of the animals Friday morning on Facebook

"Before anyone asks, no you may not have a hedgehog," they noted lightheartedly. 

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