Dozens of kids left with smiles after bike giveaway

Dozens of kids were joyful after a Christmas bike giveaway put on by Spirit of Love Church and Lindenmuth Realty. 

The giveaway happened on Christmas Eve and 35-kids were able to walk away with new bikes. 

Organizers of the event believe the giveaway is important because a bike is something every kid should have. 

"I remember working on my bike, fixing it, riding it everywhere and doing tricks," said Pastor Darryl Reed of Spirit of Love Church. "And because of that, it's a must have for every child." 

For many, the giveaway was a sweet and kind gesture. 

"To come over here and have them give kids a bike, it is just a blessing because somebody's children somewhere still don't have a Christmas," said parent D'Juan Foster. 

Not only did the kids get free bikes, but they were also treated to pizza. 

"We want people to know that we love them and it's about the thought, it's about the love and it's not always about how much money you spend," Reed said. 

Families who attended the giveaway had one special message for the organizers.

"Look at these faces, it shows that you have to have a bike," said Foster. "And I just want to say thank you to everyone who was involved."