Dozens of seniors homeless after apartment complex blaze

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Highland Park works on restoring senior home where fire left several without homes

A fire at an apartment complex primarily for seniors and the disabled in Highland Park put dozens of people out of their homes Saturday.

Monday, the city's Press Secretary Marli Blackman said Highland Park is working with the management company to restore the Bishop Moore apartments so residents can move back in. Blackman said while the city is working diligently a full restoration "would take time," and she gave no timetable for that.

Blackman said the fire broke out in the 7:00 hour Saturday on the fourth floor of the building. Only one unit was destroyed, but several floors suffered heavy water damage.

The fire was put out quickly, but several people were trapped while crews tried to evacuate.

Blackman said the 103 unit building saw 102 residents temporarily lose their homes at Manchester and Second.

More than 70 residents were housed and fed at a Highland Park red center Saturday night before being out up in a hotel by the management company.